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Itanapraced Overview


CereSpir has the most advanced therapeutic agent targeting LRRK2 neurotoxicity and the only AICD inhibitor in development


Under development for Parkinson’s disease and poised to enter Phase 2 clinical trials, our lead compound, itanapraced (CSP-1103), is a small molecule with good oral bioavailability, a long plasma half-life and substantial penetration into the brain.  In a Phase 2 study in patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) treated up to two years (double blind for 3 months; open label thereafter), itanapraced was found to be well tolerated and produced dose-related statistically significant reductions, in the brain, of two key neuroinflammatory mediators, soluble CD40 ligand and TNF-α as well as, total tau, a recognized marker of neurodegeneration. In addition, patients exhibited stable cognitive function throughout the long duration of the trial. With itanapraced, CereSpir has the most advanced compound that targets LRRK-mediated neurotoxicity with significant clinical trial experience involving more than 200 human subjects.